Vsync issues


I set vsync and get various results.

On my 75hz display it usually works and i can get all settings to work ala 1, 2, 3 frames = 75, 38, 25.

On my DLP it seems to ignore the setting most of the time.

I heard dlp tvs do not have regular refesh rates, and it seems true as each vsync setting gives 60fps, 1, 2 or 3 frames doesnt divide the frame rate.

But the game looks extremely smooth on the dlp, and the image never stutters or tears that i notice even playing at 200fps with vsync on or off. (It seems to disable vsync most of the time and runs at 90-120fps at 1080p max settings).

Can anyone say why sync isnt reliable? Why does it almost never operate in the menus?
Why does it disable itself randomly?

Dlps are 120hz, but i cant get it to display at that rate, ive tried several lower resolutions too.

I am going to pickup a 144hz monitor to compare and do some testing, something seems off.

Maybe fps beyond a certain point is only important with slower tech like lcd panels where speed us a issue?

Anyone else notice issues with vsync not working?

Anyone game on dlp and able to push past 60hz?

In 3d mode it can do 120fps, but i need to enable top/bottom or SBS, and then it displays the halfs over lapped and thats not really usable, lol.

The tv natively accepts checkerboard 3d at 120hz, i use an adapter for the other 3d types.
Somehow I should be able to get this working with vsync on.

I also have the playstation 3d display, i found reports of it going to 120hz/fps with vsync on, but i can only get mine up to 75hz or so.

What say u all?


Have you tried using RivaTuner Statistics Server?


No wat is that?

I have i7 3770 and gtx 1070


RivaTuner Statistics Server is a powerful frame-rate monitoring and a helper application for RivaTuner graphic cards. The program offers you on-screen display and high-performance videocapture services for other graphics card utilities


So it will tell what the gpu is trying to do?

Or what the display is actually doing/ capable of?

I run this program while gaming and it tells me something that lets me do what exactly?

It seems to be a gpu thing, i was thinkin my issue was the game or display?