Do the Devs, or 2k games care about VPN unlocking?


An answer to this would be nice, since the PC release in Asia is 10 AM EST (i.e 7 hours from now) whereas NA release is midnight. A 14 hour difference.


Yeah it unlocks here later into the 10th, I was hoping for closer to midnight here at least =(


Devs dont usually answer these kinds of questions nor do the puplishers, but you would think that since they are not punishing ps4 users who are playing/streaming with legimate early arrived copies they would not care if you use a VPN if you have purchased it on your region but unlock it on other time zone.

Steam has issues if you abuse VPN to buy the game for cheaper from some other region and then play it on your own region.

So if you want set up that VPN and play away, its still going to be at your own risk even if its minimal or non existent.


More relevant question in my opinion, if I unlock via VPN, am I stuck playing in whatever country I unlocked in until US unlocks?


no ive done it since mw2 release. u just have to use the asian vpn to unlock it once


Right, but won’t you be the only person (or close to) in your region?


i dont know about evolve but servers were already full of eu players in every other game

for example bf3. asia release was 25 eu release was 29(?) and on the 25 every eu server was already full


Yeah, almost every game at launch has thousands of people VPN unlocking. The Titanfall devs had even said go ahead, which is why I’m asking.


Yea. I’ve done plenty of single player unlocks, just unsure about a multiplayer. If unlock via SEA, I can then close the VPN, relaunch the game, and play NA?


Playing NA without the VPN active is currently not working.

Not that I would know…


So I’d be stuck with SEA pings?


Yeah, Valve can do something if they really wanted too. Howvever, people swear Valve never bans for VPN unlocking, but others say it happens.


If that’s true, I won’t bother anyways.


So, it looks like sircuddles is right, you need to stay on the VPN. I’ll just wait, I know someone doing it for the patch though.


Doing it for the patch actually sounds like a good idea.


I assume you can play single player with the VPN off?


After you unlock it maybe.


I didn’t get the 3GB patch we were expecting. And yes you can turn off VPN and play offline. I’d imagine playing with friends offline would work too, since it doesn’t use matchmaking servers.


So it doesn’t look like you’re getting banned for using a VPN to simply play the game right now?


If you turn off VPN and restart steam, wouldn’t Steam just lock Evolve again since you are not connected to say Asia or Australia?