Voting Number Overlaps Poll bars Representing Percentage

It’s exactly like the title describes.

Just, looks like the poll option is too long for mobile. Not sure its really a bug though.


But shouldn’t the UI still work correctly?

It’s just one layer cascading into another. Its still readable.

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I know, it’s just a bit annoying.

Looks fine to me

Poor Shunty and his mobile woes. :iphone:




I think you just need a bigger phone… Mine doesn’t even go to two lines.

Well that sucks. How big is your phone?

Screen is about 2-3/4 x 4-7/8.

That isn’t much bigger than mine.

What phone do you have again?

Moto G3.

Moto g3:
Display - 5"
Resolution - 720 x 1280

Nexus 6p
Display - 5.7"
Resolution - 1440 x 2560

It’s a resolution difference that is your problem I think.

That’s not fixable, is it?

Not without a new phone, nope.


Well, mines goes to 2 lines and is fine…

I have the iPhone 5s, which makes the screen size 4" (resolution: 640x1136px)

Is that a resolution for ants? :ant: