Vote, Would you like the option to see Tactical replay after the round?


I really dont understand why TRS killed this in stage 2, it gives both side a better understanding of the game they just played and it is a perfect ending for a round.I think since its already in the game, it shouldnt be too much to ask them to bring it back.

Let me know what you think.

AND if you vote No I would like to hear your reasons.

  • 1 - Bring the Tactical replay back.
  • 2 - Do not bring the Tactical replay back.

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Absolutely. And not just to learn on your mistakes, but also to enjoy watching yourself from different perspective (or be shamed, depends how you played %) )


No, i disagree, i prefer a match log like dota 2 where you can download and watch the replay at anytime. bringin this back, would make matchmaking longer, and i don’t want that to happen again, like in legacy


Sadly this is not happening.


I don’t see any relevance between longer MM and tactical replay.


Tactical replay can make match longer, example 10000 people watching replay for lets say 1 minute, well that 1 minute can be used to do another 10000 matchmaking much more quickly, currently with the current playerbase we usually take less than minute to gather 5 people to get to the match, and i like that, so i think it will make matchmaking longer, dota has long match, so sometimes it take a while longer for matchmaking, but evolve has much shorter match, why don’t we use this for our advantage


Still a unconvincing connection between the replay and longer MM, and even what you said is true it would only make the MM 10 seconds longer or so.

but any kinda replay is better than no replay at all. even just a battle log.


Battle log still better tho, i can watch it anytime i want


If I recall correctly its still in the game. About a week ago i had instances in which i could see the battlereplay for half a second before it went to the character progression. So tbh it shouldnt be that hard to reintroduce it


Unless people really want it back.


We need more people with their votes and voice !

I am sure this forum has more than 49 active members.


I’m sure at least some of you have seen that the Tactical Replays are still in the game, they still get produced all we would need is an option to switch over to it from the XP/Keys screen that currently covers them up.

The effect on MM would be almost non-existent since most people have to leave and re-queue from the post-game lobby anyways.