Vote to Start / Chat Options


Has anyone had a really good lobby going and you just wanna… take it easy? Finish the round, chat with the guys in the lobby for a bit. Perhaps most of the people in the lobby want to grab a drink or take a piss, but we’re consantly under the pressure to either play the imminent next round or leave the lobby and lose the awesome group we’ve found.

The reason I noticed this is the lack of ability to communicate between monster and hunter teams. It’s nice to shoot the breeze with your opponent after the match. This wouldn’t be so odd if the Monster didn’t have voice chat and text chat… that no one can hear or see from the moment they reach character select until the post-game wrap up. That means you’ve only got… 45 seconds to 1 minute tops to chat with your opponents. That’s kinda brutal for a multiplayer, community focused game.

It’d also be great for waiting for a full game. You know, when you’ve only got 2 or 3 people sitting in the lobby and you’d like more players before going to character select and starting the match? Right now, we don’t have any control over this. I see folks leaving the lobby when there’s only 2-3 people because they don’t want to start a game with so few players.

Would it be difficult or too radical of a change to introduce a “Vote to Start” option for public lobbies that requires at least half the players to ready up before kicking us all into the character select screen? Would anyone be interested in such a feature, or do you guys prefer that games “keep moving” and if you wanna casually shoot the shit with other players you should leave the lobby?

EDIT: Is there a way to add a poll to an existing topic? I’d be curious what the results would be.


This is actually a good idea. At least for Custom Games, it would be nice to have a chance to take a short brake.

For Public Games though, I’d rather have something like “vote to postpone”. Just so you can vote and get some time off, and then do your thing, but people can’t stop the game from happening.


I dunno, I see it this way. If you can’t get at least 3 / 5 people to agree to start the game… are we really ready to begin the game? I suppose you could get people who would troll and try to prevent the game from starting, but the majority of people who are there want to play. If 3 / 5 players in your game are trolling, well crap. That game is probably gonna suck anyway.

Perhaps for public lobbies it could start as “checked”, with our current flow in place? Post-game wrap up ends, we go to the lobby, everyone’s defaulted to “Ready to Play!”. The 20 second countdown begins to start the game, and that’s your chance to uncheck it. If 3 people don’t uncheck their Ready box in less than 20 seconds, next game!


You raise an excellent point here. Perhaps remove the one minute wait for people who quit because people haven’t voted?


I like this idea, but as much as I hate to assume the worst of people, a system like this basically means when the hunters are ready, the game starts.

You can’t exactly allow the monster to have full veto authority over starting the game, but perhaps a 2-3 minute timer starts once at least 3 people are ready, and the game immediately launches once everyone readies up.


I’d think drop the vote in the lobby, where the game replay is shown. You can already leave there without triggering the cooldown.

The idea here is that roles haven’t been picked yet. Roles aren’t decided until you go to the Character Select screen. It’s all designed to fit in the existing flow with minimal changes.

Though, this does touch on a change I’ve wanted to see. It’d be nice if the lobby clearly showed what role you were going to get, and folks could trade those roles in the lobby. You know?

“Oh man, I got Monster… Anyone want to take this? I’m cool with any Hunter.”

“Oh, sure! I don’t want to play Support, I’d rather be monster. Let’s trade.”

EDIT: Should I open a new topic with these details in the OP and a poll?