Vote to Kick, Please


I played multiple games last night with people that ran the wrong way, shot every animal they saw, only used their weapon and ZERO abilities, did not help teammates up. You try and coach them and get no response or change in behavior and then when the match was over one guy put his mic in called me the N word and kept shouting expletives. When I asked some of them why if they had a mic in they did not communicate or do what was asked of them I usually got the response: “I was having fun shooting the animals and doing what I wanted.” or “I can play how I want.” And they would call me a try hard. I don’t want to ban these people or anything crazy like that but if 3 people on a team think that someone is being clearly detrimental then they should have an option to replace him with AI.


Yeah, been there. The one good thing is that as you level up the likelihood of continuing to ruin into such things continues to diminish.


Vote to kick is a bad option which set back L4D. That option will get abuse by some and one of the reasons some people didn’t like L4D. You could just back out of the game and find a new match. Some people actually kill some of the wild life while looking for the monster so it reduces the amount so the monster doesn’t evolve quick. Eventually if people will do this to people they will start playing right or not at all.


The monstecan eat their corpses without having to kill the wildlife then


Wildlife respawns and killing all wildlife just leaves a free meal for the monster.


Very true but alot of people probably look for the achievements to kill X amount.

Kicking people though, nah. people will kick monsters or hunters because they get wrecked or didn’t get their class.
Open to abuse.


Well I don’t think you would be able to kick the other team. It would probably only be an in game thing for your team.

But I am torn on how I feel because kick can be a good thing and a bad thing. I don’t want people getting kicked for no reason who are trying but just not great.


You shouldnt have to play with someone farming for achievements. Everyone would have to vote so I didn’t think it would be that easy to agree to kick someone. But you may be right. A trial run would be nice though. Just to know for sure how people would act.


curious, are you playing on consoles, cause that would explain it

i am playing on pc with pugs, i have had some bad teams, but none were rude or obviously trolling.


PC player haven’t had really bad experiences as far as behaviour went.

Since I was on sick leave (not faked, promise but glad it happened at release!), I played a lot since release and matchmaking does get you away from the terribad players after a few games.

Interestingly, I spent the evening playing with a friend who had just bought the game and was therefore fresh from boot, and the level was still ok. However, he did join a game without me and I jumped in a few seconds later, thanks to a leaver, and THAT game was back to rookie mode (bad monster, worse hunters)

All in all, this does not make me want a vote to kick option :slight_smile:


I’m thinking that if you had a vote to kick option you’d have people getting kicked just for not having a mic. It’s happened in other games. I think it would be open to abuse, as noted above.


I had a Trapper who didn’t throw the Mobile Arena down when a Monster was Evolving in our face. Thank god he left after that.


Heh, had a trapper who missed an evolving monster with his dome (yes, I am talking about the immobile cocoon thingy). Consider yourself lucky.

I am, however, very forgiving for this kind of rookie mistake. Everyone has to learn … plus that was such a sad move that it actually made me laugh :smile:


People asking for votekick option… I’d slap them…


no, they better never even think about putting the option in, game will drown just as fast as l4d did, and its already dorwning with lost progress and missing dlc


Though I don’t want a vote kick option, I do want a way to get out of a loading screen, because(I don’t know if it’s just me) I’ve gotten stuck while people are still connecting to the game. So maybe a time limit as to how long someone can try to connect to a game before being disconnected?


The option is made and ready to be put in, they can turn it on if they wished but only if the community becomes problematic. So far I don’t see it happening since there isn’t enough complaints to justify patching the function in.


No please, i dont wana click Y / N every 5 mins…

I know i wont get kicked out from a game because im pretty much a game and not retarded,but there will be slowpoke people and there will be hot headed people who would spam the KICK KICK KICK Button every 5 mins…


Not sure what L4D you were playing, but vote to kick saved l4d lol.


Seems you like the vote option and used it a lot but the truth is people didn’t like that option and stop playing L4D. Plus it was stupid voting every couple min in a match.