Vote to kick idle player


Exactly what it say’s on the tin, I would like to see an option to vote to kick people who aren’t playing the game.

It’s happened on a number of occasions, and it really does make it difficult to enjoy the game.

I know that after a certain amount of time has passed a player is supposed to be removed from a game but too many times this is not the case.

I would just like a plain vote to kick, idle or not if I’m really honest as some players really just want to ruin it for everyone else (trapper trapping the team and refusing to take it down when we land).

I don’t think this is a major ask, for a team orientated game, I actually think it’s essential.


The option to idle should just be removed completely.


and auto-idle aswell, lost a game because of this, hiding not moving and goes idle starts shooting. Dumb.


If this was in feedback it would probably have a better chance at being seen by the right people :laughing:js.


Yeah, you’re right, I’ve moved it now!