Vote restart first 2m for hunters


need to add an option were if hunters vote restart in first minute in allows it to go through even if the monster says no had to many games were someone dies in the first minute to dropship glitch or w/e stupid glitch wrong with this game that kills someone, but only for the first minute after hunters drop, so people cant use this later in the game, only for the first minute cause its stupid cause the monster will never vote for restart since he/she knows they got the advantage now but if it happens to 2/4 or even 3/4 which ive seen, thats stupid, this needs to be implemented


Most monsters wouldn’t know they’ve got an advantage if someone fell through the map because they’ll be busy running away. Why make an option like this instead of simply working on the bugs so they don’t fall through the map and such anymore?

Also, this would be a great way for hunters to win by simply restarting over and over until the monster quits and they just go bot-hunting.


This would be abused way more than it would be used properly imo


most monsters are accepting it anyway

why wouldnt they in the first minute

no reason not to


I can see many trolls arising from this. >.>


I always agree with the hunters. Lets me play monster longer.


Yeah… that would be a problem.


“guys can you see any tracks?”

thats why it would be abused


Well, you also have the monster restarting rounds too… Monster asks to restart round, 1 moronic hunter says yes, and then the other 3 have no choice in the matter.


Ugh please no. I was in a game with this Griffin not too long ago. We dropped, he puts down his spike, looks around awkwardly seeing no tracks and decides to stand there for a good 10 seconds. Yes Monsters sometimes sneak from the start making it hard to figure out which direction you want but it´s usually where the map opens up more and there´s tells like pieces of meat etc.


I’ve seen monsters retart rounds just cause they seen our team comp and in a pub always an idiot who votes, so why can’t the hunters have that option? But like i posted its only available in the first 2m before anything majot happens and if all 4 hunters abuse it add a limit say 3 restarts a matches so people can’t spam retart till x happens


best thing is we had the bug where everyone could fly forever.

we spammed restart for like 2 mins the monster denied it.

then we killed him while beeing midair.

he cryed after that match.