Vote rematch

A few days ago me and my team were going against a monster, who afterwards turned out to be a pretty nice guy, then suddenly he vanished never to be seen again, and it made me think, why not add a vote rematch option before removing the monster from the game, if like 2 hunters and the monster vote yes the next round would be against him again


I would love this myself. However, on PC(steam) we have the ability to friend people. But sometimes that difficult with common names and you have to search 20-200people with similar names. If they at least got the steam overlay to work (the current players part) so that you can directly add them it’d be better. I do hope this is improved on soon.

You’re on xbox one yeah? You could look for that person in recent players and add them as a friend.

I do think this sounds like a cool idea though.

I do like the idea of a rematch feature on Hunt 2.0. One of those, damn I wish we hadn’t messed up like that moments strike you can ask for a rematch. If 3 out of 5 agree then it’s a rematch with actual points on the line.

Of course to prevent Hunter Trolling one of the 3 votes yes would have to be Monster!

I would prefer a “play again” rather than a full rematch. Basically everyone who accepts it will just be lobbied together in the next game while the remaining players who didn’t accept go back into matchmaking again. This way is more flexible bit gives you the same “rematch” result.