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Hey guys! So we’ve been doing monthly events to help team building within the office. Think Harry Potter houses style. We split up the entire office into 4 teams to give everyone an opportunity to talk and work with more people they usually wouldn’t. It’s been super fun! The latest thing we did was each team built a carnival-style game. We need your help to tell us which one you think looks the best. The poll is at the bottom of the thread after all the photos. Game on!


Team "The Blue Shells"

Team Sassquad

Team Zombie Bunnies

  • The Blue Shells
  • Sassquad
  • Zombie Bunnies

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Moving in. My stuff will be there April 31st.




Toss up between Hardpass and Zombuns…but I mean Bun4afterlife fam’!



The Blue Shells atw… that just looks like fun.

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Hard Pass and Tank Toss I would’ve kept going back to the most. All the games looked super fun, but those two caught my eye! I also REALLY want to win one of those prizes from Bunny Hop.



I’d love to play all of these! It was a tough call.

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Zombunnies’ game looks the hardest but love the little green zombie bunnies (I know we are going to see this in B4B somehow…zombie bunnies.

Sassquad’s board is amazing…putting the extra effort in to make perfectly straight lines drawn for the house that adorably gross caricatures reside in.

Hard Pass although I love the idea you have going here and I am all about sling shots (well, wrist rockets more-so), your board is far to pastel and I can’t handle that level of “cute.” You got points for calling it a “nope” board.

In the end I went with Blue Shells and I’m not even really sure how the game gets played, but there were more Nerf guns, and the cast of L4D includes Bill, and the work that went into making the paper mache tank and all for throwing the bean bag boulders and log…just won my heart. Plus it looks more physically violent than the rest and that’s what grabs my vote…people falling all over is exactly what a good office party needs.

Is there a secret hidden in here? Always look for clues even if it appears innocuous! I doubt it but the text looks amusing nonetheless!

I can’t quite see the full message.
“Hey, I tried to tell you where to meet, but our comms guy got bit…???..if you see this I’m at the Costco on Irvine Blvd. Bring guns and don’t tell Kevin <—F that guy. - Yours truly”




I think it was to resemble the graffiti parts you can find in the L4D saferooms.

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Yes, but still…you never know where secrets could be lurking…we must all be detectives!



Thanks for voting everyone! Long live The Blue Shells!




Unless it’s Mario Kart, then absolutely not!

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