Vote for rematch in Hunt 2.0

Instead of one match and search again how about a rematch vote afterwards. However every would need to vote yes for a rematch to take place


that is actually a pretty good idea.

But it should require everyone to say yes and agree to it.


I am pretty sure thats what he said Lol but yes i agree too

Totally up for this idea, so frustrating when you can’t get your revenge :smiling_imp:

It is a good idea.


this would be easily exploitable and exploited for boosting.

As many things, but still a good idea.

No point in boosting your rank to end up Silver Destroyer / Gold if you don’t have the necessary skill to belong to this division.
Hunt 2.0 is focused on the competitive aspect, so rematch should be naturally an option.

The way it works at the moment is made to prevent exploiting ranked system, and voting is not going to stop exploiting if everyone in a group including monster are friends and are up for the abuse.

Maybe 2 rounds is another option. You get your chance for a rematch and it’s not abusable.

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Yes indeed, best of 3 seems like a good compromise :thumbsup:

On a similar note: can we get the round restart vote back? when 2 or 3 hunters drop out because of disconnect or game crash, the remaining hunter(s) have basically lost and as a monster i don’t enjoy winning like that. give them the option to vote for a restart to get new hunters in. asshole monsters that want easy wins can still vote no on that.

Exactly, so why would anyone do that?

Additionally, if you always fight the same hunter team and win, your rank goes up and theirs down. But you will get fewer and fewer points the farer your ranks will be apart. So it’s a very long road to “cheat” your way up the leader boards like that. I wouldn’t do it, too boring / time consuming.
But a cap on the rematches would still be a good idea. 2 rematches (best of 3) sounds fine. If you enjoy playing against each other, you can still play a custom match together.

Vote for restart is also a good idea. Didn’t know this was not in there.

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