Vote for MVP!


It would be nice if we are able to vote for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) at the end of the match!
A reward system for X amount of MVP should be included as well.


Hm, I’d have to disagree with that because that system would be severely abused in pre-made teams.


Well they could always disable this in parties, or disable the ability to vote for party members. I for one think this is a really good idea, and a great way to incentivize good behavior in game.


Well we know that character class performance is measured in their ranked (soon to be Hunt BETA) mode, so rather than vote could it maybe be automated…

Would definitely encourage class based excellence for everyone in the match (rather than a medic who thinks they’re an assault etc.)


Uuuu, how are they gonna score that? Class based excellence?


medic = healing/revives for laz maybe bonus for emets beacons?
assault = damage
support hopefully would be dependent on their secondary so shields jpb and damage
trapper would be difficult but hopefully it would be partially based on staying close to the monster and partially on how well you CC the monster.


Interesting. Number of revives for Laz tho? How would that work in a good team where they don’t die?

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Maybe balance it against number of incaps? 0 incaps 0 revives = 100% 5 incaps 3 strikes = 60%?

Also hi.


How can this be abused? It´s just some form of aknowledgement. (Overwatch does the same, but with a larger voting pool and without reward)

noone dies, needs heal equals a bad medic? … or maybe a bad monster?

it´s always a foggy system with support characters.


hopefully they’d base the heal amount around damage done if you heal 99% of the damage done but it’s only 3k damage you’d still be rated well just no bonuses for healing large amounts


with enough effort you can make such a system work. but is it worth it? sure it has it´s merits, but do you also get less xp when you are not doing “well”?
Not against it, but as everything there are pro´s and con´s


I dunno it might give bonus keys or they might give bonus exp or it might just be a hidden metric for ranking your skill level.


i still want a voting system… if people cheese it. they cheese it.


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I think you don’t actually need a reward other than commend to feel appreciated and to know you did good. Hence I am in favor for this voting system but just that, to let know player was good, without giving them bonus XP or keys


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