Vote for Evolve in the Golden Joystick Awards, get a free game!


Voting ends tomorrow! Sorry about the short notice, but I just found this in my email. :smile:

If you vote, you can get a free copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Evolve is in the “Most Wanted” category.


I’m definately trying this. Crap, the stupid sign-in form to get the free game won’t work! So frustrated. Grrrr.
Edit: As a said that, the registration finally worked. Jump for Jesus and smile for free games!


I have vote for Evolve ^^


It’s something to play until alpha is out and after the alpha.


Well. I was going to get that free game. But Steam wants to be a meany and keep me from logging in. :frowning: I at least voted for Evolve. :slight_smile:


voted for evolve


Voted for Evolve. Please don’t enter me in for X-Com, I already have it :smile:


looks like a fun game, played first 2 missions. But i don’t know if it will keep me busy for another 3 months :stuck_out_tongue:


They’ll just send you a key for X-COM, so you can give it away to a needy soul. :slight_smile:


X-Com was one of the best strategy games I played on last gen consoles. It gets really good once you unlock some of the better armor suits. Also, never take snap shot on a sniper. The squad sight ability makes snipers the single most overpowered unit in the game, especially when combined with an archangel suit, opportunist, and the perk that raises your accuracy if on high ground. A squad with 2 good snipers will almost always win. I ran 2 snipers, 2 heavies, a support, and an assault. Also, carapace armor should be your first priority as it makes your squad’s survival so much easier


I’ll try to remember that :stuck_out_tongue: still at the very start ^^


Yup, your research priorities should be interrogation/autopsy (these are always quick), armor, weapons, new interceptor when it’s available, then anything else. I also recommend you prioritize getting satellite coverage over the whole planet as well as having at least one interceptor on each continent.


Ok thanks :stuck_out_tongue: looks really fun so far


I really recommend trying to play impossible ironman. It took me a very long time to get it, but it requires a great deal of effort and even luck. The first month is the most important part of the game. If you can get to 3rd month without losing any missions, you will most likely win as you snowball pretty easily. That being said, it’s also very unforgiving. You really need to know the game to do well on it. I also recommend the Enemy Within expansion. Some really good missions and mechanics were added.


well i didnt get the free game but i got “- A 30% off voucher*, valid on the upcoming Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth” and “- A 25% off Loyalty Voucher**, made for you and you only. Your personal code below is valid on our entire range of PC Download titles.” is it right?