Vote for Evolve for IGN's People's Choice Award


Voting open now:


Well I certainly voted but it seems IGN’s community is caught up in the Division, Witcher, and Destiny hype.

Probably unfair for Evolve because you guys show your actual game while these others use fancy trailers and pre-recorded demos.


Done! Voted for Evolve :stuck_out_tongue:


Evolve has my vote, never bothered to check anything else out lol


Evolve ftw


Voted for Evolve and Uncharted!


Well to be fair E3 is not the biggest Esports/competitive gamers in the world. I mean I’m pretty sure Evolve was the only only multiplayer game out there. So I don’t think it will win with all the other hype around other games like people have been saying.


You have my vote!