Vote for a rematch


Title is pretty clear.

After a game is all said and done- Sometimes you just want to go again with that same group. A rematch vote would be awesome.


I agree completely.

Sometimes I get really nice lobbies with people I genuinely want to play more with but soon the lobby is disbanded since I can’t even friend people in the postgame screen and I am thrust back into the harsh cold wilderness of matchamaking.


Just like the post :wink:

In the FAQ, it says to not do the +1 stuff.


“Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button. Rather than taking an existing topic in a radically different direction, use Reply as a New Topic.”

Yes, however the wording led me to believe that it meant not to leave a post saying just “+1” or something, but you can have it if you have something substantial. Unless I’m wrong?

Apologies either way, I will remove it.


While yes, you are true, it just comes down to keeping it tidy. Imo there is a reason why there is a like button.

Now lets get back on topic ;)


No need to discuss forum rules, flag and move on if you think something has been broken :stuck_out_tongue:


Wasn’t it like that in legacy? IF you clocked continue you’d stay in the same group and keep playing.
Why was it removed now? :frowning:


Jup, I don’t get the change either. It’s so annoying to keep finding new people (especially with the buggy matchmaking).

It used to be so easy to do like 3-5 games with a certain group and then go back into matchmaking for some new blood. It also made games much faster instead of now you are spending half your time on the damn matchmaking screen.


^ Exactly :confused:


Yeah, I strongly support this.

It should work in Ranked as well but only once. In Quick Play I don’t care if you could rematch forever (although I guess they will limit that as well so that people don’t farm Silver Keys).


I think it would make a lot of people much happier, and make it easier to get more matches in faster, if we weren’t auto-removed from groups.

Leave us in the group, and allow us to choose to stay or leave after the match.

Perhaps even add in a quicker ‘Re-match’ mode which pops up after the fight, and if everyone clicks it, it just loads the same map and hunters and perks again without even the need for much of a lobby.


it was working in legacy, why break it now?
It’s pretty annoying.


Been asked to death since TU5, please TRS make it happen soon please.