Voodoo Wraith Skin Status - Now Available!


The Wraith Voodoo Skin is now available!

If you don’t see the skin in your skinventory, please unlink then relink your My2k account. If this doesn’t work, try quitting out of Evolve and then unlink/relink your My2k account.

If the problem persists further, you’ll need to submit a ticket to 2K support.

Didnt get my wraith skin
Did not receive voodoo Wraith Skin
Havent recieved my voodoo wraith yet :/
Wraith voodoo skin out yet?
Seriously no wraith voodoo skin STILL? dafaq
Has contacting 2K support over missing event skins worked for anyone?
...Well then. (I guess it mean's the Wraith Voodoo Skin works now.)



Relinking my account didn’t appear to work, but changing my steam profile did o.0

This last event I happen to use Dakkus on my steam profile since I use that tag in other games and I didn’t bother changing it when I played Evolve since I had random bouts of play time due to work. So when I changed my profile tag backed to Dakkus, loaded up Evolve and pulled multiplayer, I had the voodoo skin. Changing back to Meridian in Steam and reloading Evolve, I still had the skin. I guess 2k does a profile check against your steam profile name as well?

Probably just been happy timing though. Just putting it out there.


Fart me a lullaby. I think I might be immune to bugs.

@TheMountainThatRoars said post proof if you have it in a seperate thread. So uh… Yeah. I guess… It works for me?


Damn that’s a sexy back ribcage gurl.

Looks much better than i expected, gonna check the ps4 now.



Oh the tatooes we regret getting.


But that skin is totally awesome.


It’s so edgy i got a papercut.


Woot! That’s a sexy smexy skin! Gotta check if i received it as well.


Hell yeah! I got it! :smiley:


@TheMountainThatRoars I can confirm its out on ps4 but picture won’t upload


We have confirmation, but I appreciate it!


WHOA… You know how I just said I never encountered bugs?


Who do I go to for failed transaction bugs

edit: nevermind it was just slow.


Best skin ever! Thanks! :blush:


It looks fantastic, so glad we won this over a tiny little Hyde gun camo…


The Wraith skin itself looks much sharper than the Goliath skin, which looks more natural, and seeing as how wraith is a slim smooth figure that makes sense but I wonder how they’re going to do the kraken cause those spines and wingicles are gonna make it difficult.


Skin looks beautiful on her! :heartpulse:

Huge Shoutout to 2K and TRS! Thanks Guys! :heart:


Any progress report? I’ve been playing Parnell just to make sure that he is picked.


Did i have to play a game with Wraith against Hyde or on a team with Hyde to qualify? Cause i still dont have them and i dont remember if i played on a team with Hyde. I kept getting dropped into games in progress and I couldnt play for long…


To qualify you just had to play online during the time frame. Did you try to unlink/relink your my2k account?