Voodoo Skins


Did i saw it right that only the Kraken Voodoo skin got nearly red eyes, like how it is on the Savage skin?
Only the red eyes let the skin look so badass. Why only Kraken? Or is it maybe bugged for me?


Goliath has white eyes in his version of the Voodoo skin… And wraith… Wraith has no eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its normal for a skin to mess with the monsters eyes. EX behemoths eyes and mouth go blue with sandstone skin :wink:


Nah. I mean on the Savage Skin they all have this badass red eyes. Instead on the Voodoo Skin only Kraken has them, why? I mean, on the Magma, TRS Gold Skin its like for the others with the normal eyes but on the Voodoo Skin Kraken gets the nearly red eyes, what in my opinion lets the voodoo skin looks badass. I would like to see that on all the other Voodoo skins too. It’s just the eyes but for me its makin the Monster look so much more agressive, i like it. Would not be to hard to change it for Goliath/Wraith :stuck_out_tongue:
Or maybe its like i said, its just a visual bug for me that Kraken got the red eyes on the Voodooskin. That’s why im askin here :smiley:


Well, that would be just Goliath then.

Nah, it’s not a bug. :smile:


Ok Thanks ^^ Just want dem red eyes Q_Q Savage ftw!!!


Pretty sure Voodoo Kraken’s eyes are orange.


Wait what? Rapterror I thought you left!? O_o

Glad to see you didn’t. :smiley:


I had left, but I came back.


Wraith too though??


What do you mean?


Oh wait nevermind. I see what you meant now…

You said that’d be only Goliath’s eyes, but Wraith has a voodoo skin also, then I remembered she doesnt have eyes