Voodoo skin


I may (or may not) be the first to complain about it, but I didn’t receive skin. Do I need to fill out a ticket with 2k?


If you played online during the weekend, you will receive the skin this Thursday


Some of us already have it.


The official post thingy says this Thursday, so everyone who logged on should have it no later than that


I got mine today, it looks pretty swag.


Again, I don’t have mine…


I got two for some reason


I got mine too. ^.^


How did you get two voodoo skins?

I got mine. Its swag


I didn’t have mine. I also bought the Clownfish Wraith and it wasn’t anywhere to be found. Then I unlinked the My2K account and they appeared. I’ve had this issue before, it seems there is something about the My2K account that thinks you shouldn’t have things that you should.

TL:DR? Try “Unlink My2K” and see if it shows up, but remember to re-link before any future events.


The official post says that everyone that participated will have the skin by Thursday. Maybe you get it today, tomorrow or Thursday. Be patient.


yay got it ^.^

in before sunny nerf


They said the latest you will get them is the 16th. Be patient :blush:


But I like when she serves me up a lone trapper On topic if you don’t see it by 16th then post a support ticket




I also have not received my voodoo skin yet. It’s no big deal, but I would love to have it tho.

Especially because I also haven’t received my crow trapper skin (from the trapper challenge) yet, but I do have the skin for all the other trappers …


i got my skin 24hrs ago…mind you im in australia.


I was saying that there were two issues going on for me - 1. No Voodoo skin and 2. No Clownfish skin despite me purchasing it.

Unlinking the My2K account fixed both of those issues and I was letting him know to try the same.

@b1nge Have you tried the My2K unlink yet?


Yeah, a few days ago but it did nothing. But I’ll try again


I meant what is the Clownfish skin?