Voodoo Skin Problem


Hello / Hola

I dont see anything skin vudu and i have the 3… Why? / No me aparecen esos skin y antes si pues gane los tres._¿Que paso?


I’m guessing you mean your skins disappeared. Try to unlink your My2K account, quit out of evolve, then restart your console or PC. Start up Evolve again and relink your My2K account. Hopefully that will work!


Trata de desconnectar tu cuenta de 2k, cierra la application, y despues empieza tu aparato de nuevo. Empieza el juego y connecta tu cuenta de 2k. Si eso no sirve tienes que contactar el soporte de 2k.


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This is disturbing :scream:


yes, yes it is


What in the name of daisy :astonished: is going on.
I think my eyes have diabetes.


Then you’ve had to much caramel :wink:


Salvatierra gracias a funcionado.

Mountain thank is ok


Glad it worked!