Voodoo Skin for Behemoth


Since the Kraken challenge is over for the voodoo skin. Is there going to be one for Behemoth? All the monsters have the skin already an it would seem right to include the newest one.

If there is one, what hunter would he go against? Torvald? Hank?
What hunter would you like to see him against?


As I said in another post, a voodoo skin for behemoth is unlikely unless its not on a challenge because unlike Goliath, Kraken, and Wraith not everyone owns Behemoth. It may be a possibility but it would have to be a solo challenge not a versus 1 like the current challenge. Just my thought tho…


They could have it to where people who have Behemoth see the challenge while people who dont could maybe get another skin for goliath or wraith (not kraken since its challenge just ended for it)?

I think a voodoo for the kidney stone out of hell would look amazing an would blend with everything.


They could let people play as him for the weekend, yea?


Yeah, like a free demo. I’d still like to get a voodoo


Nah, it would have to be a versus challenge so everyone can participate even if they don’t own the monster or hunter.


Bad idea. Look i know it would be coll but think about for a second. If people do get a free demo and don’t like the behemoth they won’t buy him which means less money. Now i know TRS isn’t all money hungry, but still it is bad for business


If people don’t like him, they shouldn’t buy him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Frankly I think more people would realize how fun he is to play, and want to go out and get him. Get to play as him for a weekend, win some rounds, unlock a savage skin that would be saved in case you wanted to buy him. That seems like a sweet and fair deal, and I think it would result in people wanting to play as him more.


Or the other way around


true, but you can also look at it as that people aren’t going to pay for a character that they don’t know if they’re going to like to play or not


im gonna try once more to photoshop this


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what if they fuck it up and accidently create a bug where it locks everyones behemoth when the event ends and then no one knows who bought who and everyone who bought or pre order loses him :cry: I DONT WANT THAT BUG!!!

sorry but its really possible!!!


True that.