Voodoo skin available, but not for me, eerrh..?


I tried restart game but still nothing, should I wait, or?



I believe it hasn’t been given out yet. Some people are saying it usually pops up the Thursday after a weekend event.



Thanks, this post got me worried so I ran off to check o.O I didn’t have it either.



Correct, it should be delivered by Thursday the 30th.



MAP DAY MAP DAY MAP DAY :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I can’t wait!



I never get to play on Foundry, but I love the mines. Looking forward to videos from your cowching sessions.

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I will be playing Monster during my coaching on Thursdays. While I have a good grasp on the maps themselves, I want to put a few hours under my belt so people can’t come back and say I don’t know what I’m talking about.

That being said, I should have a copy of Evolve for the PS4 sometime soon and I might test it out on Saturday/Sunday, we’ll see. Community Coaching for PC and Community Couching for PS4/XBone :stuck_out_tongue:



Don’t worry. We’re spending all of Thursday on the new maps.

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I want in when/if you do it on X1!

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That depends on how my Marathon stream goes tbh. I’m going to be running a Donation Drive to cover the following things in this order:

  1. Shipping and Handling for all my giveaways that day.
  2. Cover the cost of buying Evolve for PS4
  3. Save enough money to purchase an XBone and Evolve
  4. Cover my munchies/soda for the weekend
  5. Saving the rest for future giveaways

I think I should be able to get enough for the first 2, at least. If I can get 1-3 that will be a great day. I’m a little tight on money due to baby number 2 coming on the way but if I can get enough I will chip in and get an XBone for Evolve purposes. I know that I have been approached by a lot of XBone players so it seems like a good idea.


  1. Cover the cost f buying Evolve for PS4

Yes! Shoutcast my games, bro. Do you do educational stuff for whoever you’re covering? “So what this person did wrong was…” type stuff?



Ya, my community coaching events are exactly that. Coaching. If you want to see what I’ve done so far you can view a whole slew of them on my YT channel. I get members from the community to come together and then review. It’s still a work in process but I’m getting to a good point with getting people and groups organized. I’m just expanding to the console market.



@MaddCow Griffen is amazing on broken Hill foundry. Like 95‰ of the map amazing. Also not good for Kraken. Neutral to Goliath and superb for skywraith and behemoth. A lot of elevations and cramped chokepoints alongside 3 good evolve points. Just a really basic monster point of view.

Ot: I got Goliath skin almost immediately and bucket took 3 days. So I imagine in another day or 2 for wraith



not me lol i given up on this game playing borderlands