Voodoo kraken skin


Just saw voodoo kraken skin on evolvegames Monday livesteams can’t wait. Best monster skin I’ve seen.


Screenshots anyone?!?!? I need this in my life


If u have time watch the live stream. I didn’t finish it but saw it when they were looking at the skins on kraken maybe 30min in. Find it on evolvegame.com/ community


could you please post the hyper link to your OP
there’s a format code you can use


Maybe I only visit forums on my phone so not sure if I can find link easy


ah, it has to be done from comp

here you go


He was right and it looks amazing @TheMountainThatRoars


Dear Voodoo skin Kraken,

Marry me

Love Popo


Told u it was awesome and thanks for help posting


post that pic in the OP then :wink:


No problem, I’m so hyped to get this skin


I don’t even play kraken and i want it. Like it better then his savage skin


I love kraken and this skin is the best thing I’ve ever seen


That is one freaky looking skin.


I wasn’t crazy about the savage skin for some reason


I thought savage was best in game for kraken looks so evil.


I wanna see Kraken modded to look like Cthulu one day


That skin is nice. ^.^


pls kraken challenge… can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:


Too bad though, we don’t need a Kraken challenge… He’s the most powerful monster.