Voodoo Behemoth?


So i wanted to know if since every hunter gets the predator skin and every monster voodoo will the behemoth have a voodoo. I just wanted to know because of how cool that could be rolling around the map. :monster:


As of yet, no Voodoo Behemoth skin has been announced.

So far Behemoth hasn’t shared any of the other monster skins types.


IM making this skiin RIGHT NOW on photshop


Tell me when its done i want to see it :smile:


I doubt behemoth will ever share any type of skin with anyone. Only special skins for special behemoth.


IT SUCKS some are so cool for him


It would have been cool if they made it so if you had the hunting season pass you got a skin for him but that wont happen :scream:


Doesnt work you cant paint the bones
if anyone has Ps and has more luck tell me


They could kinda use it but only going against him in solo


Well if we beat 2.8 million it gives us Torvalds as well and when i joined i bought the bog and i only had Goliath but it still gave me the skins for the others when i got them.


id love this.


It would be I can just Imagine the faceplate black with a skull on it


Didn’t they show the gold torrented Behemoth.


wat :open_mouth:


Oh yeah that’s right. I’ve never seen the skin myself, but I do remember Chloe mention it. However, It’s a developer skin only.


oh k
anyone else wondering why the behemoth shows his weak spot and doesnt just cover it up


It looks awesome.


They probably wont do a behemoth skin challenge seeeing as he freezes the game so much


I haven’t gotten a single freeze as behemoth so i think your internet needs to git gud m8


Im surprised that people whom play behemoth haven’t gotten it a couple a times. Yeah i got to train my internet better any tips?