Volunteer monster


Too many times have I had my first preference set as monster, only to be put as a hunter. This is fine, most of the time I decide to stick it out and see if I can get monster next time. But suddenly the monster leaves while we are still picking our characters. Now I am sitting there, staring at the empty monster slot😭. That’s just heartbreaking. My suggestion though, would be to let one of the hunters volunteer to be the monster, if said monster should leave on the character select screen!


Not a bad Idea :smiley:


Should also be for monster to hunter. Waaay to many occasions it happened to me xDD.


This literally happened as I read post its irritating as hell lol


Could be abuse to see which hunter people will go. Of course anything could be abuse. This would be a neat feature and I support the idea. c:


Didn’t think of reversin it lol, that might work.



So much this. And let us play monster in parties and all will be well.

The game is losing monster players because we have to decide between playing with friends or playing what we want, etc. If you are monster and don’t want to be, there should be an option “Offer monster” in which case it pops up on all the hunters end and whoever decides first they want to take it, gets it. And if nobody wants to, then the current monster player gets a message saying “All hunters declined”.

So many games where someone joins as monster and leaves when I would love to trade with them.


Ikr! It would be such an amazing feature! That offer monster thing is a good idea too😆



I’ve put monster as my first choice only to be put into a pre game lobby AS A HUNTER AGAINST A. AI BOT. Happens a fair bit. All those people who say they get put as monster all the time don’t know how lucky they are, it can take me up to an hour to get one single game in as a monster, sometimes I still haven’t had a go as monster after an hours play.

If this game wasn’t so awesome I’d have left ages ago, but goddamn when it works properly it’s a pretty amazing game <3.


Just joined 5 different games, didn’t get monster once despite it being first.

Just gave up, I don’t want to play hunter in pub games because 1) It’s my only chance to be monster and 2) When I play in groups with friends we sit there for 8 minutes looking for a monster player so I KNOW those games are out there.

This is getting stupid.


Simple: you can switch teams only once.


Totally agree, this is needed.


Yea when I am alone and someone gets monster than leaves I am all like

I had someone leave as monster like this and I had monster preferred and was not in a party. Few matches later I run into him again asked him why he left “Didn’t want to be monster again.” Asked where is it on preference for him because mine was number 1 “Mine is set to one but just got tired of monster.”

Then change your preference so we monster players can play monster and not hunter against a bot please.

Sorry if this offended anyone.


The Monster preference option seems to be entirely useless in my experience. I have it set as last and still get Monster all the time.


Monster set as my #5 pick… got picked twice in a row… Left.

But I think this is set to not happen to prevent friends from throwing the game in the ranks.


How about just having a separate lobby for monster players? |:


It sure did.

Ranked play is coming soon. (I hope).


Sounds better on paper, a lot of people would probably abuse this, unless there is no way of communicating to the other player.


Already faced several troll monsters and hunters without this. I doubt it would cause as much trouble as everyone seems to think.


What does rank play have to do with it? :o