Volcanic map idea


Hello feel evolvers i have a map idea

I had an idea of a volcanic map where there is a volcano in the center or on the side of the map and most of the ground is rock and there is gaps in between them hunters can fall in the center, i know its not like a massive idea but its a start of what could be a cool looking map


Funny you should mention that. Volcanic maps did exist at one point but the instant death due to lava proved to be unfun and they were turned into the acid maps we have now.

I’ll try to find a link for you.


Here you go. If you have time this entire topic awesome!


they could make it though as like u dont fall like into the lava but u are hanging of the edge about to, like in left 4 dead 1 and 2


Really? I didn’t know that haha


May I add to this please?

I was just thinking of a Lava map with Env. Hazard in full effect. It would be scaling up the volcanic mountain to the top.
A king of the Volcano Mode where Hunters Spawn immediately and Rush the monster at the top for speed records.
(using an U.R.F. (Ultra Rapid Fire) mode of attacking. Just a big happy mess of moves everywhere.


What if they just took a map that already exists and just made the acid pools into burning fire lakes? With fire raining down from the sky?


I would love this. Just make it to where the lava won’t instakill. Monsters could climb out while Hunters could jet climb out.