Voice Chat


I know hunters will have voice chat, as its very important for them to keep in constant communication.

But, what about casual games with the monster and your friends. Say I’m the monster, and my friends are hunters, will there be a way that I can communicate with them during the game? Same with the hunters, could there be two voice chat channels, like one for teamspeak, one for general?


The Monster player cannot talk to the Hunters in-game.


Not with voice chat that is, in game I remember that you could type to them using a command… I think it was just /all or something like that


Might’ve been shift enter instead of enter but I also recall this


I understand that the monster can and shouldn’t communicate in ranked (or whatever its called) games, but would it be possible to implement something in custom/casual games?


Yeah I only found out about it when a dev was on the monster… then I also found out you can take over bots if your team is missing players, you can switch between them to line up combos


There was an in-game chat option to talk to the other team, but I don’t remember it working. Or at least, I never got responses.


For console users, it’ll still be possible to have a party chat going, instead of just being in “game chat”. I do it all the time with my buddies on the PS4 :smile: I totally agree, it’s awesome to smack talk and B.S. while playing private games!
I guess I can’t speak for PC, tho…


Did you know that we have got Skype voice chat, TeamSpeak, Mumble and god knows how many other voice chat programs like that? :smiley:


This. If you are playing with friends you can use these. The last thing you want is to create a toxic environment by having one strong team rubbing it in the faces of the not so strong team. Personally, even chatting should be limited to before and after game if at all between both sides.


Apparently from what I heard, even if you are in a party, the game will somehow make it that the Monster player in your group is unable to speak with you. Either that or I’m going mad. . .der!


I hope not. if its just 5 of my friends only. id like to talk smack. once wev played a game for a REALLY long time. the conversations tend to have absolutley nothing to do with the game. I want to be able to vent my fustrations of my gf in full bromance while smashing thier faces in…


Yeah, that would suck! Private party chats should override all, so hopefully that’s not the case…


Good question, thanks for asking!

If you play a “Custom Game” with your friends, you get lots of options to customize the game parameters to your liking. “All chat” is an option there. :wink:

Otherwise, the Monster player can’t chat with Hunters.


Speaking of custom game(s). Will we have that option in the Big Alpha coming up?


Nope. It has options for things that you don’t know exist yet!!!


Awww, so no private servers :stuck_out_tongue: Sad panda face :slight_smile:


We’ll have you covered with 5 player parties by the beta though. So hang in there! Think of the Big Alpha as training!


Nice. Thanks for the answers :wink: Is there any ability to play with friends aside from queing up at the same time and hoping for this iteration of the Big Alpha?


Yeah, you can invite/join parties of up to four players and play Hunters as long as you want. The matchmaker will keep you together round after round and match up good teammates and opponents.