Voice Chat Proximity?


Here’s a quick little suggestion which could possibly be awesome.
What would it be like to have the hunters’ voice chat (via microphone) set to a proximity? For example, the closer you get to the hunters, the louder their conversations gradually become. Never played a game with that aspect. It could be interesting. :smiley:


This is a great idea. There are certainly games out there that already use this feature. In these games, voice communication is typically heard positionally when in range of your teammates and via “radio” when out of range. The enemy team would, of course, only hear then positionally and when in range (louder when closer). It’s really amazing for immersion and tactics to be able to track down your enemies because you happen within range of their conversation.

That said, we have no idea yet what tricks the monsters have up their sleeves for detecting the hunters already other than birds being scared in to flight (awesome touch, by the way.) There might even be a monster that has super hearing just for this sort of thing. Not to mention that, at least on the PC side of things, most pre-formed groups will probably be using 3rd party communication like Teamspeak. Still, great idea overall for the competitive side of things.


I would really like to see this feature implemented, but quite honestly, I feel like that would be better suited for a sort of “hardcore” mode, where the Monster is extra-powerful maybe? Because that seems like it’s a little bit hacks, especially without anything to reciprocate it in favor of the Hunters.


it would be interesting but one problem i have with this is that logical? this game is set in the far future. would the micro communicators really be that bad?
it would depend on are the hunters bringing there own gear (so some of its crappy)? are the colonies on the map going to provide gear, or funding for gear (no funding means crappy)?

hoary!!! for the life of a story boarder (the technical term?)