Voice? chat isn't working


I can’t hear people talking in game.

Yes: Voices is turned on
Yes: The volume is up.
Yes: No one is muted
Yes: I can hear the game sounds, but not people talking even though they are talking.

Any ideas?


What platform is this on?


I am on the PC version of the game


Verify that the speakers you are using are set as your Default Communication device. Should be that way by default, but if you have multiple outputs it’s possible it was changed.


Hrm I did that, but still no other people talking.


are you sure they are talking ?

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Yes, I am sure they are talking lol.


Did you try restarting the game btw?


and how can you be sure they are talking when you cant hear them ? :smiley:



Okay, I need help fixing my audio bug. The snide comments aren’t helping it at all.

Yes I just tried restarting the game with the audio settings changed, still no people talking.


Huh… And I assume your sound drivers are upto date too… :s?



Actually I haven’t checked that, I’ll check it right now

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but I was really only trying to help .-. cause it happens that even when you see ( the megaphone icon or what it is ) which indicates that somebody is using voice chat , it sometime can only means that the player is just pressing the ´V´button and not talking anything.

nah nvm, nobody understands me ._.


G* button :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah sometimes theres a visual that says someone is talking but they’re not- however it sticks when they’re talking and nobody can hear. A restart usually does the trick but it doesn’t seem to be the case here


I havent played for 2 months, don´t blame me ;_;


You owe me 100 games.

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Gladly. Just few more day and I will be finally back home :stuck_out_tongue: