Voice chat causing disconnect bug


This is the most infuriating bug I’ve been getting. And the worst part is, this was in the Alpha and Beta.

As soon as I press push to talk, the game freezes. It will stay frozen for about 20 seconds or so. Then I will be ‘disconnected from host’. Why? I have no idea. But this is insane and makes me hate playing as a hunter. I’ve had to try and communicate through text which sucks.

Even if I don’t have my mic plugged in, it will still freeze and disconnect me. This HAS to get fixed, not being able to use voice chat is unacceptable.


I didn’t even know this was a bug, maybe that’s why I instant crashed earlier?? Either way if this is a legit bug it needs to be squashed quick!


Odd, I haven’t heard anything about this issue until now, and I’m not seeing this myself. Could you provide some info about what hardware you’re using? A dxdiag would be ideal.


I am having the same exact issue. Except I don’t disconnect.

I freeze for about 20 secs then the game comes back and I cannot voice chat.

Any Update on this?


I had this exact same problem during the alpha. Of course I reported it the bug along time ago and I got a run of the mill scripted message and then they asked if my problem was now fixed, I checked no and they never responded. The fact that im still having problems now in the release is very frustrating due to the nature of this game and how it builds off of teamwork and communication.


I actually found a fix to this issue earlier today. Too busy to respond until now.

Post if you have Realtek Audio speakers and mic. Because that’s what the issue is. Apparently Realtek audio just doesn’t really want to work with Evolve and has problems. Go to the Realtek website and download and install the newest drivers. You will have to restart your computer twice (at least I did).

Once I got the new drivers downloaded and installed, voice chat works perfectly. Let me know if that works.


^ is the link to the website (it’s a pretty ghetto looking website to be honest). Download either the first or second driver depending on 64 or 32 bit comp. And select the region you are from.

Once again, let me know if this works for you guys, it was insanely frustrating for me and I am very glad I got it fixed.


This does seem to be related to some audio recording devices but not others.

I have a Blue Yeti microphone. It’s a studio quality microphone but apparently wont work with the voice chat system they implemented. When I unplug it and use only my headphones mic it works fine and I don’t freeze.

So if your having problems try switching out mics.


Can confirm new realtek drivers fixed it for me.

Thanks man.


Glad it helped man, hated that bug.


No day go after whitout that problem.