Voice actors


Anybody here know a place where i can find out which characters have which voice actors? i would like to make a post where i could post them all and then compare if they had made something people know.


Not a complete list, but IMDB says:

JB Blanc - Griffin Hallsey
Dimitri Diatchenko - Markov (voice)
Matthew Mercer - Abe
Courtenay Taylor - Val


Search the interwebs. I saw a full list, but can’t recall where. Shouldn’t be too hard! :bucket:


Tried. didnt find anything


Thanks i can get started then


Check out the Evolve Wiki. I can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure most of the actors are listed there.



Thanks alot. i searched for evolve wiki but i got a different one than this



Closing this one since you already found your info. and made a nice thread for it. :smile: