Voice Actor Available!

if you need a voice actor then just like All Might, I AM HERE! btw what are the age requirements for voice acting?

I believe that you’ll need an agent first. I don’t know that there are age restrictions, just depends on the role.


Whatttttt the heck


You’d be better off trawling around on Reddit.

There is no age limit to voice acting, but your age might determine what roles you’ll be more suited for.

You likely won’t be hired straight off the forums by TRS. If you’re here specifically for B4B, then WB is handling the voice acting department, as far as I know.

However, if you’d like to really dip your toes into voice-acting, I’ve personally found Casting Call Club to be a fantastic site to start out on. Thousands of roles provided by people looking for voices for their projects. Most are unpaid but it’s a nice way to figure out if you’d really like to get into it, and to challenge yourself.