[Visual Problem] Minimize Crow's Reticle Effect!


It’s extremely annoying and disorientating to aim properly with Crow’s sniper scope!

I’m sure, I’m not the only one who struggles with this, right?



I definitely agree. It’s quite distracting, especially on long shots.



its supposed to be a trade off for taking a chunk out of the monster health through armor, it’s not supposed to be easy to do

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Do you honestly think the fact that we are blindsighted by a visual effect is a balancing method?? are you that illusional?



So “illusional”



I am not familar with the damage mechanics at play here, not having played the new Hunters yet. But I would say… Consider the effect a legitimate trade off.

I’ll point to Natural Selection 2 here. Marines start with 100 health and 30 armor, armor takes 2 points of damage per point of health. The alien biter equivalent of a Marine is called a Skulk. Skulks deal 75 damage per bite. That’s 3 bites to kill a marine.

The game devs noticed that they had a problem with early game and bite speed. Marines died very quickly if a skulk got close. If they nerfed Skulk bite speed, skulks sucked at destroying buildings, one of their most important jobs. If they nerfed the damage, Marine could easily kill a skulk before they killed him. And the skulk would suck at destroying buildings too.

The balance mechanic they found was putting the eyea inside the Skulk’s mouth. When you bite, you go blind for about 1/3 second, staring at the inside of your mouth. Against stationary targets, DPS is unaffected. Against marines, it gave them a fraction of a second window to jump dodge whenever they hear a skulk bite, and try to make the skulk lose track of his position so he can safely shoot the lil bug.

Affecting the player’s view of the world is a pretty fair mechanic. You trade situatuonal awareness for something else. Don’t be so dismissive of this balancing tactic, it’s got a track record of working in many games.



Its the same with Val’s scope. Just quick/noscope it till TRS has some time to tune them up



It can be a smart method to balance an element of the game, but in this case it has nothing to do with crows bypass armor mechanic, its just an unfortunate overlap of the cool-looking beam-charge that gets in the way of the sniper scope. Seriously, I bet this was not a premature decision.