Visual lighting on hunter/monster select


On TU 7.0 (pretty sure I was,) the lighting on hunter/monster select was changed to make the models much brighter and more contrasted. I think this change should be reverted. In my personal opinion, the select screen looked much better before and it looked much darker/creepier. I personally loved the way this looked, and playing the PC version of 1.0 build today, I realized how nice the old lighting looked. I just want to make a suggestion to change it back, and see if anyone else agrees :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Screens to compare?
(Banana for scale needed too)


For the record the light was always there, it was actually a bug that caused the character selection to show up the way it did.

However, I agree.


and lets not forget they all tpose


That was a funny bug. Especially when it happened to the monsters