Visual HP indications (strikes and supersoldier)


When reviewing all of my footage, I stumbled upon some nice visual indicators that could perhaps help people out a bit when playing as the hunter(s).
I found that the Max-HP loss after getting incapped is easily recognizable by white/greyish bars of health, instead of the usual blue ones.
Max HP after one strike:
Max HP after two strikes:
(When I first noticed this, I didn’t know what it meant. I assumed it was extra armor or something. But later I found out that it is actually decreasing your max HP)

Then I also noticed the SuperSoldier hp-removal (which is actually rather small, I assumed it would have been alot more HP missing)
I was full HP when I activated the Supersoldier-buff, this was the result:

Also, the visual indicator when your shield is active:

I could always search for some more interesting tips in all of my footage. But these were the most interesting in my opinion.


I believe these are well known facts by now, but thanks fo sharing anyway :smile:


Yeah, you’ll get it after playing a few games and reading the tips/hints. But before that, I didn’t have a clue!
It also really surprised me that you only lose that little HP when activating Supersoldier.


Isn’t it like 20% of your health you lose?


Yeah, something like that, but the medic can easily negate its negative effect by one healing grenade or 1 sec heal beam
(I assumed it lowered your max HP by something like 30%, not just dealing a bit of dmg)