Visual Glitching Objects through other Objects Xbox One


This first occurred in my play session last night, and while it is subtle, other members of my party were experiencing it as well. At first it just seemed that my shadows were wrong, but I truly paid attention I realized that what I was seeing was objects on the other side of what I was looking at. Basically the game was wall hacking the rock in front of me to show me the tree on the other side of it. This persisted for several games at least… I tried to ignore it. It certainly wasn’t game breaking, but it could be very distracting, especially in certain corners. I don’t see it in the video I recorded later. When the image was glitching, I couldn’t see the light from the flashlight. If I see it again, I will record a clip.


Proof or it didn’t happen, right? Well I rechecked the clip I recorded last night, and there is visible glitching as I described above in it. So I uploaded the clip to YouTube so the devs can see what I’m talking about:

So, right from the opening frame, in the middle of the screen, you can see through the rock directly in front of me, a shadowy outline of a rock in the distance, a large plant just above it, and three plus tufts of grass to the right of it. As I move around in the first seven seconds, the rock is almost always visible, the plant less so, and the tufts pop up and disappear. When I move to the left, you find out that the objects that appear as shadows are actually on the other side of a second stone pillar.

When I ADS at nine seconds in, the glitch is putting a shadow on the left side of the scope. When I am aiming at the door at seventeen seconds, the entire upper right quadrant of my scope is dark. The dark rectangles remain in the pillar to my right as the goliath falls to our combined firepower. Please click the link to view this for yourself. Thank you for the polished gameplay. Hopefully this post helps fix the issue. Oh, and Xbox One if I failed to mention earlier.


I have had this happen a couple times as well. Like you said, it isn’t game breaking, but it is definitely annoying. Occasionally it makes it difficult to see what’s in front of you because of all the extra “shadows” created by objects off in the distance.


This is a known issue and should be addressed in a patch coming to Xbox one hopefully this week.


Not to be impolite, but it isn’t listed on the known issues page, and where is your information that this will be on an immediate patch coming from? I’m not saying you aren’t correct, but as you only signed up for the forum five days ago, I can’t just accept your word as gospel.


They’ve actually confirmed that they are aware of the shadow/lighting bug, Herandar. Even though this isn’t listed under the “known bugs” thread, they have mentioned that they will be addressing it via their next patch. In fact, the bug was reported shortly after launch. It didn’t exist in the beta, but somehow made it on the launch build.