Visual effect for owners of "exclusive" skins from Legacy

The Taurus skin for the Goliath…the Neptune skin for the Kraken…the Golden skin for the Goliath…
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Anyway, it ticks me a bit to see people getting those skins because other people will probably think that they are founders while in fact they aren’t.

If nonfounders get a skin that was exclusive from Legacy, they get it. No penalty or anything else, they can show off their extreme luck on the battlefield.
But the founders that already have the skins since Legacy could probably have some effects like steam, oil, sparkles, atoms, plasma, etc…comming out of the body/weapon to show that the guy who have it got it in Legacy and is amazing.

Do you like my gif?


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Deleted, it’s better like that anyway.

Euhm, the voodoo skins are still exclusive (to my knowledge) to founders only:

Also, the Taurus skin and Gold Goliath skin are also still exclusive (one from tournament price and the other from legacy community challenge)

So really, the only skin that used to be exclusive and now has been given out is the Neptune Kraken skin.

Heh, I’m afraid nope :stuck_out_tongue:


Not exclusive anymore. Makes me very angry and disappointed in TRS.

Not exclusive for long which makes me angry.

Permanently exclusive. (Thank God)


We never know if it can be gotten from a crate, or if TRS decides to put it on the market for 100 000 :silverkey:.

They’ve promised to never give it out again do it if they do they’d have an angry mob on their hands.


I’m actually glad Neptune and tauras aren’t exclusive. I never even had a chance to get them before.

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I’m quite angry over it. I had to compete in several tournaments to even have a chance at getting it and then it’s just being given away?

It’s not in the store for a ton of money, it’s not a tournament prize, no. It’s. Given. For. Free.

That’s what pisses me off.

If it were up to me, I’d either have left them exclusive or actually have made it somewhat meaningful for those who had it, like making others do the same work they had to do. Not giving it for free. That’s ridiculous.

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I would gladly pay for it. What bothered me was I knew about the skins and the tournaments but because of lack of playerbase I couldn’t even join a tourney to try.

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Just a few things to keep in mind:

And also:

The Golden Goliath is the only piece of content to break this policy. Tournament skins were always fair game for everybody else - it was even stated at the time the tournaments were held.


Never said they shouldn’t be.

Other than my opinion of me keeping them exclusive I never said they should.

All I want is some sort of equality in obtaining them.

I spent a month at least trying to get each skin from the tournaments. Others just got it for free with zero effort.
That’s what grinds my gears.

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You think the Taurus skin is bad? at least players need to pay for rng boxes to unlock that skin. For the pre-order Goliath skin people just need to log in with 2K, not even play the game.

AFAIK It’s not available yet and if that is the only way to obtain it then good.

For preorder, you just had to pay for the game before you could even play it.

After which you had it for months and months of exclusivity before it was sold in the store for around $5-7 I believe.

Now it’s given for free to those with a 2K account.

Savage Goliath is not at all a skin that can be complained about, especially not this far down the line.

Skins like the Gold ones and Taurus/Neptune very much can, given that these ones have specific circumstances behind them while Savage Goliath was just obtained by putting down your money well before you should’ve.

Mind you preordering is one of the deadly sins of being a gamer.

Okay, you got a valid point there.

Preordered just three games before I knew what a sin it was :pensive:

Although I don’t really regret any of them, since they were good games.
Also if I never preordered Bioshock: Infinite, I would never have had a free X-Com, which has become one of my favorite games I ever played.

Pro-Tip: No matter how good a game looks, no matter how excited you are to play it, no matter what preorder incentives there are.

Never. Preorder.

Which one? Which crate? O_o
I now have a reason to buy crates… until i get taurus! :smiley:

I will never have cacodemon Ymir in Smite and I cry every night because of it, among other things. I’m not crazy about exclusives.