Visual Bug at the end of the Match (XBOX ONE)


Left the game when It ended as Goliath, though it put me in the post game screen and I was met with this.
Luckily the problem didn’t persist when it kicked me back to matchmaking queue.


Did you try putting it on here?

Just trying to help :smiley_cat:


It wouldn’t be good if I put it there aswell if a dev starts reproing here and another one starts reproing aswell without them knowing.


Uh, say that again? I didn’t quite catch what you meant there.


I’m fairly certain they check things up with eachother. :slight_smile:


Alright alright. I’ll post both of my bugs there.


The neat thing about it is you can provide links in the report system, so they can be redirected to here as well! :smiley:


Lol it doesn’t matter anyway. As soon as I pressed report this happened.

And I have no idea how to turn cookies on with my iPad. @Shaners