Vision Obscuring Objects


Is there some way to make destructible trees/bushes “disappear” when a hunter is close to them or inside them? I notice a lot of games even older than this one have a similar feature. It’s a bit annoying to miss the monster or a toad because a knocked ocer tree or giant bush is obscuring your vision.


Well if a tree is in your way then it is in your way. Can’t just make it go hollow for visions sake. Most of the time you can just run through the fallen trees and Monsters have Smell so…


If a monster knocks a tree over it is out of my Control. I understand it stays around for tracking purposes but some objects are big enough to block vision really bad.


You could jetpack or move to the side.


If a Monster puts a tree in your line of sight then that is a smart Monster. It’s like complaining about Fog Walls on Dark Souls because you can’t see the boss on the other side. It is there intentionally one way or another. If a tree is in the way a simple double jump straight up fixes this.