VIP Mode - Idea


Unsure if this has been mentioned or not, but i’ll run with my idea just to get it out there. Thinking of different modes that could possibly be put into game, I think a VIP mode could be possible.

The idea is pretty simplistic, the four hunters need to escort said VIP to three points around the map (almost like rescue in a sense). The three points can be different depending on the map, for example there’s giant open carcasses around that could be “harvested” for scientific purposes, “x” points that need to be activated/bombed for whatever means, and/or terminals that need to be hacked/re-programmed due to Monster activity in the area.

I would say with the Observer Mode being put into the game, that the VIP could actually be an infamous 6th player into the mix…if coding would allow. That or the AI would need to be a little better tailored for said VIP not to be an incompetent member of the team. I would like to say that the VIP would need more health than normal, and possibly ONLY equipped with a pistol…but a pistol that can interrupt Monster pounces. As for the health I mentioned, that’s just due to, for example, a Wraith abduct, and then a super nova juggle annihilation. Therein, i would say have the VIP be given zero strikes; although, give Lazarus the ability to still revive him, but definitely a limited health revive due to increased HP for VIP.

I would say this can definitely be thrown into Evac, without a doubt, and then into a new Skirmish mode…allowing a 6th member to join.

How far into detail you go with actually getting the VIP to said points, may activate new things within the map perhaps. That would be interesting…kind of like activating one of the hunter perks for winning a game of evac. Maybe allow the monster to destroy one of the points the VIP needs, to then give the monster a perk from an evac win. (shrug) just additional possibilities.

Anyways, that’s just my idea. Would always love some new ideas thrown in there, and/or criticism as well. Thanks for the read if you made it this far…


I like it I like it a lot :smile:

also this has been mentioned before but not put in much detail


I had the same idea but the VIP is actually in an armored car with a turret on top, and only goes outside once the car reaches the points. Also the monster should have minions so there should be 3 eggs in the map that the monster could hatch


I’m sticking with Hunt. ^.-


Heh, fair enough. I do enjoy the mix up of Evac games. Yet, I do know the majority of players are running Hunt/Skirmish.