View current evolve energy meter anytime


You know the energy that makes you able to evolve to Stage 2 & 3. Make it able to view your current evolve energy meter by hitting the map button (Tab or Back on gamepad) not just when eating, because sometimes I forget my current energy meter and as a result I don’t know what path should I go to, either one filled with wildlifes that is close to hunters, or one with little wildlifes far from hunters.


Funny thing is that a g19 shows it… So its possible to extract the information into an external app


Or just have it at the top of the UI the entire time like the dome. The hunters should be able to see it too.

It should definitely be apart of the UI once damage to hunters increases meter(which was mentioned before S2, don’t know if it’s still happening).


Every time it changes, it gets shown.


I mean the meter. Like how much food the monsters eaten should be shown.


Yes i know. What would it change? As hunter its a guessing game when he is evolve ready. I wouldn’t remove that.


No God please no! No more help for the Hunters.
In Legacy, only Trapper could have domed the Monster, and it was a LOT harder finding the Monster. Now Trappers have planet scanner and every Hunter can dome the Monster. (I know seeing when will the Monster be able to evolve is not a buff, but still helps the Hunters)


Monsters can see the dome and are able to plan around it. Hunters need to have an idea of how full the meter is to make important decisions such as continuing a chase, setting up, or buff hunting.

I think it’d be a good QoL change to balance around, especially for newer players.


Maybe tie it to the sniff function. Have the evolve meter light up for a sec.


good request. I second it.


You mean they should see when the monster is eating and what it is eating, making it easy to deduct where it is right now?
Or should it only been shown when you see the monster?
And which hunter can’t guess how full a monster is, alone by time you will have an idea how far the monster processed.

What would change for you, except you don’t chase a stage 2 monster that is full, which you could guess anyway.

I don’t see any pro to this change.

That the monster knows the dome timer is a bit different. Here matter seconds and not the mere fact that it’s around now…

Additional the dome timer is open knowledge, you could exactly time it without display. Just count the seconds. Its just convenience with the timer.
Evolve meter on the other hand is hidden knowledge which should stay hidden from your opponent.


I didn’t think about this. Yeah this would be a huge issue.


Yeah for monster keeping tabs on the energy meter would be great but not to be shown to hunters, that would be like the monster being able to see ability charge ect and would be unbalanced