Video stuttering and sound dropouts


Is this something a lot of people experience? The opening cutscene stutters, especially when signing in, and during the Evacuation videos.


I’ve seen this happen a few times, yes. Upon signing in it would sometimes stutter right before finishing the sign in process, but that’s atopped for me since the latest patch. As for evacuation, half the time after day 5 ends the video just plain won’t play for me. It looks like it stutters right at the start of the video, when you go to the performance screen, but the video will usually play after that. Sometimes…


If you’re on Xbox make sure you aren’t downloading anything or updating anything. I run into that problem alot


4 bars and the game plays fine. But I don’t see why lag would matter with the opening load screen and offline Evacuation.


Thinking more about this, it seems most of the sound issues on Xbox have to do with pressing the Home button to minimise the game window. I don’t recall having sound issues until after I check a message or minimise the game to check something on the Homescreen.

But that doesn’t really suggest anything about the video stuttering at loadup. Be nice to have a fix for this as it detracts from the game a fair bit.


The opening video always stutters for me at login. Never bothered me much though.


Same here, though it’s only done that since the second real patch, I never got it on the release patch… Or am I wrong o.O


I think it’s always done it on X1.


Huh… Well it never did it on the launch on PC iirc ^^"