Video Recording Program? (Preferably free)


Hello, I was just asking what the best video recording software is.
I’m looking to make some videos for some games (maybe Evolve) so I need a nice program.
I would love it if it is free but I can use a paid program.
Thank you in advance.
Windows 8


If you’ve got a relatively recent Nvidia card, Shadowplay is excellent. If you’ve got a strong machine, FRAPS is pretty great too.

If you’ve got neither, I’ve heard positive things about " Game Camcorder ". Less demanding on hardware and stuff. Also, it’s free.


I forgot to say that I have an Intel Graphics card.
Would Shadowplay work for my computer. Also I have a very strong machine. Brand new actually.


Have you used the streaming functionality @SpookedNomad?
Just curious if you know off the top of your head, can I record without broadcasting in a stream mode?
This image makes it look like Alt+F9 does that, and I can play at home, just curious if you knew.

@Bear_Stream are you just pushing videos to youtube or such? Or are you thinking about streaming?
OBS is of course free and I haven’t found recording kills my performance too bad. (Note I do save my recordings to my 3rd hard drive; neither my system nor game drive.


I am going to be putting the videos on Youtube. Saving the streaming for PS4 games. :smiley:


Fraps (enough said)


Paid Software
Huge file size
Nuff said.


OBS is free and is pretty good. XSplit requires payment to get higher quality which sucks. The file size for OBS is pretty good and you can export it in a variety of different formats. It takes a bit of work to setup, but there are lots of guides out there to help you setup for the best resolution.


I like OBS for streaming, but I’ve never saved a video of the stream locally TBH


It’s nice because I stream with it then take the rendered video and upload to Youtube. Also gives me hard copies in case I want to edit things smoothly.


Any suggestions for any software focused on making videos and not streaming?
I’m not wanting to stream much until I get some more free time.


Do you mean recording or editing?


Recording. Not too worried about editing.


I still think OBS is terrific for just recording and not streaming. Lots of options and it gives up to 1080p and/or 60 FPS which a lot of other free services don’t offer without paying.


Okay. Do I need to stream it first or can I just record? That is important.


Just record if you want. The main preview pane allows you to select “Start Streaming, Start Recording etc…” So you can do both at the same time or one and not the other.


Thank you. I will look that up right now.


Here is a good guide on getting it setup.


Little bit offtopic but when I want to record with shadowplay the record is really laggy and very dark everytime, regardless of game or ingame FPS. Do you have any ideas how to fix this? I can’t find anything in the internet. Looks like I’m the only one with that problem :smile:


I never had to pay for it shrug