[Video] Introducing the new Trapper Class ability: The Planet Scanner



Landing on Shear for the first time can be a daunting experience. To help all players, we’re adding a new class ability to the Trapper called The Planet Scanner.

Seek and Destroy

Looking back on the first year of Evolve we had tons of feedback on how it felt to hunt and track down an alien Monster for the first time. There are some areas of Hunt that worked really well, and others not so well. The introduction of the Planet Scanner looked to fix a problem many players faced as Hunters; that most of the time players just lacked direction and sight of what the goal was. Now that birds and tracks are not the only way of tracking down a Monster we were able to push rounds of Hunt into more fights, more often.

Scan the Planet

Similar to the Mobile Arena that it replaces, there is a short activation period, and then the Monster’s direction will appear on the compass for all Hunters for a brief amount of time. Alongside that, Trappers will receive a quick boost of speed after channeling the ability. This allows trappers to always stay on the trail of the Monster, and introduce some interesting in combat uses for the Planet Scanner.

(In all honestly, @Insane_521 wrote this up for business-y things but I needed something to pair with the vid @Shaners made so I threw them together)

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