-Video- How to mess with the Hunters


I see too many monsters in this game thinking their role is to be a rampaging monster, constantly running around clumsily and always on the move. Well… the brilliant thing about this game is that’s not the only way to play. There’s many different approaches and mine is usually to slip away into the shadows, undetected. I have a long history of loving stealth games, so being a stealthy monster just comes naturally to me in this game. Here’s a trick you can do to leave the Hunters dumbfounded and run off on a wild goose chase while you slip away, completely undetected.

No, it might not work every time, but it will fool a bunch of people. Even Daisy was fooled in this one!


No offense bro, but i wouldnt recommend this to anybody. Before the hunters arrive you shouldve already killed your first critters, and you dont gain anything from waiting there. But yeah, stealthy monsters for the win - usually i go T3 without taking any permanent dmg :blush:

dont like Kraken though, im more of a Goliath fan o.o

i will never forget that one dude who waited with his monster at the drop zone of the hunters to get shred to pieces.
But, you can be a rampaging monster - on T3 : 3


Actually, I do stuff like this ALL the time, it’s quite fun when the hunters ignore Daisy :wink:


I love those heart racing moments as the monster where you’re hoping they don’t see you as you hide in plain sight.


I usually leave a false trail and then sneak off to eat in a different area. It works really well in The Dam because I make footprints to the river and then backtrack to the feeding grounds behind the dam. It’s great watching the replay and seeing the hunters go all the way down the river every time.


No reason to just sit there for an hour. If you dont’ waste time you can evolve like 30 seconds after they hit the ground.

On that map I usually run forward over the rail, then crouch and double back through the tunnel. They see the footprints and the broken rail and assume I went that way.


I love doing this! I do it on Fusion Plant the most by going into that cavern under spawn. Then I follow the hunters around. Most of the time they don’t watch their backs. :wink: