[Video] Hank the Tank: Final Stand and Orbitals against angry Behemoth



Last time i got the best game in progress in my 100 hours of Evolve. I got a 1strike Hank, 3 dead teammates (with 2 strikes) and one angry Behemoth hacking away at the relay… I thought i make the best out of it and it was one epic battle, for me at least.

Felt like sharing this great moment for some eyecandy and orbital goodness, underlined with some fitting music.



I’m sorry but the only thing I could think of when I heard Hank the Tank was “Frank the Tank”
;w; Forgive me


fucking love your choice of ost, please do more


Aww, I was secretly rooting for the monster.

Great clip nonetheless


Hehe Contra 3 music is awesome and it fit perfectly to the clip without any editing, that’s how i like it :]

I will make more when i get new footage, i usually only record when i get a nice match.


Awesome video.


may i ask which software did you use for recording ?


Vegas Pro 13 (64bit) it has a really nice preset ‘Internet’ 1080p 60fps video rendercodec, quick and easy and small filesize. This video only had ~300mb and i was very happy with the quality. It took Youtube a bit to unlock the 60fps though