(Video) Got stuck INSIDE in Behemoth


As the title describes, I got stuck inside the behemoth and couldn’t get out.

This actually happened twice. Once when I was assault (main load in character) and then a second time when I switched to AI support.

It seems like the second time I was teleported inside the monster for some reason, because the support was nowhere near him when I switched.

Video below:



Clearly your foot got tangled up in his guts.


A few people (myself included) have had this happen. When got inside it, I actually killed the game (everyone lagged out, but we did not DC). Did that happen to you too?


The monster quit/disconnected after I switched to the support and teleported in.

Not sure if it caused him to lag out or not.


So you jumped into him, and he left the game… I’d say maybe we found a trigger to the disconnect bug.


The second time I got stuck inside, yes.