Video: Full Round Kraken in Beta


Thanks Magik for directing me to post here.

I had a really fun round against a hunter group in the Beta this weekend. There was a lot of game elements that occurred in the round so I decided to post the video. I wasn’t necessarily playing it safe, just having fun. Thought I’d post it for anyone’s entertainment.

Full Round Kraken video


I do love me a good lighting round, eh eh? I’ll see myself out… :smile:


That movement speed perk plus the movement speed buff stacked and created a beast of a Kraken. I’ve never seen a Kraken move that fast!


Similar perks don’t stack, the higher of the two is taken. But the movement speed wildlife buff on Kraken is super useful considering he’s relatively slow compared to the rest of the Monsters.


Seriously? I must have never gotten that buff because this Kraken was ridiculously maneuverable with that speed bump…wow. I assumed it stacked. Well, guess I’ll really be looking for that buff next time! It beat out the speed perk.


Nah, no perks stack. I think it was because you could get some insanely high damage outputs on certain abilities. Imagine Lighting Strike with the 10% mastery bonus, the 15% bonus (is that the right number?) pre-round perk and then the Crowbill Sloth 35% bonus. That’s huge.


If you want to see an insane perk, check out increased climb speed on Goliath. I saw @MaddCow with that and oh man, it looked like the game was on fast forward lmao


I’ll be honest…I usually go for perks if they are easy enough to get…but honestly didn’t feel like they affected me all that much. But wow, I stand corrected! I might actually go out of my way to find them now when I am a monster.


Hey maddcow, could you maybe link this fight for us? I know it was on Saturday afternoon if I recall, before 4 o’clock


Was it on distlllery?


Yup, I even commented on it while you were streaming and you agreed that Goliath looked insanely fast


Heh, ya, Climbing Speed action looks weird. I’d need to take a look at the eating animation of Goliath as the Big Alpha seemed too fast/erratic (Animation wise) and I don’t recall if this was an issue which means either I’m really used to it, or they slowed it down just a smidge. I do think that Kraken climbing with 50% climb speed is funny :slight_smile:


you can actually call in banshee mines 3x as fast as you were calling them there. without a full charge they can be called 3 at once


I wish they would update the UI to let you know how many you have ‘stocked’.


if you know how much 1/3 is you know


True, but I still wish there was a number :slight_smile: I’d also like to know how many mines I have out similar to the Hunters deployables.


i tend to just use it as a pewpew canon. they have pretty good range


Sometimes I like to chuck them in bushes as I travel. I’ve gotten lots of free hits and slowing them down, especially if Daisy is up front.


Thanks for the heads up on that!