[Video] Freezing. Many clips of freezing

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in community content or here. You guys must know about these as I made a post on at least the primary one here a long time ago. So, I guess this will be a bug appreciation thread, for a type of bug that has aged like a fine (albeit intolerable) wine.

Old thread: [multiple video][PC] Everything freezes in place, some crash, some don't


Just would like to know where you are on this since it’s been around since launch. Is it just something too hard to fix? I mean either the monster/hunter that dc’d should be replaced with a bot or the match should just end (where applicable). It happens sometimes, but why not all the time?

Also if you need any of the clips in there in a more extended form let me know before I wipe them please.

The music was so perfect. lmao

What clip was the last part from?

A short film called “Another Impact”. Can be found on youtube pretty easily, based on an anime that needs no introduction (ok it’s Neon Genesis Evangelion).

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The issue you’re showing occurs when there is a problem with the server like a crash, disconnect, or exceedingly long delay. If you’re getting it extremely often, I wonder if you’re doing anything particular or running some other program that could be causing issues. Last I recall the percentage of server crashes was very low.

@MrStrategio Yep, that’d be the issue, but it should immediately resolve itself somehow instead of lingering for a random period and in the vast majority of cases disconnecting everyone, right? In some cases I know the monster was still there as we would be chatting still, so if it were another player it should have resolved to a bot replacing a hunter which didn’t happen.

Wouldn’t say I’m getting it extremely often, but I don’t know your exact numbers. Happened again last night.

I’d say for roughly every five hours of play it has a good chance of happening at least once.

There is a 30 second time out window, so if you’re waiting around with everyone stuck in place for a minute and you’re still connected, that would be very strange. As for the chat system, the VOIP and text chat is handled through a different system, so you could still be communicating to other people even after the server crashed.

In talking with the network engineers, they confirmed that characters running in place like that is a server crash. Where are you located? It might be helpful to obtain some logs from you.

Please refer to the section of taking logs.

The next time you get this sort of crash, take note of the time, save the logs, & hit me up.


@MrStrategio Will do on the logs in the future, and I’m in Iowa. Also it can last for significantly longer than 30 seconds, I probably have video with dates and times if you would like to look at those let me know.

If you have a video of a disconnect lasting significantly longer than 30 seconds, I’d like to check it out.

Dates and times will be useful if you have logs with it.

Thanks for taking this issue into consideration and working on its resolution. I did experience this exact thing yesterday too, while playing Bob on Orbital Drill. I was frozen like that for about a minute (definitely more than 30 secs), but the hunters were able to shoot at me and killed me after a while. It probably is not my internet connection, as everyone in the server experienced it.

@MrStrategio About 20 times longer, would have been even longer but it booted me for idling at the end there.