Video Evidence Mammoth Birds Are The Kings of Shear


A quick clip showing a mammoth bird being Op. plz nerf.

If that link dont work try this one.


I seriously detest these animals, most of the time I am nowhere near them and suddenly they’ll decide to path in a way that coincides with where I’m going and they end up zapping me anyway. Shear really is like Australia on steroids.


“Mammoth! Just standin’ here. Judging me. Prick.” - Hyde knows where it’s at.


My first game on evovle the AI kraken died while were hunting it, 5 minutes of nothing then dead, all wildlife is OP,mammoth birds just sitting ontop of the OP pyramid


No, @Slovenia is the “King” of Shear.

lol im so silly


Nah, Shear is more like Australia if you added in some wildlife that doesn’t want to kill you. I mean, come on, canyon striders? Spotters? Glaciopods? If they were Australian animals they’d either be as vicious as dune beetles or they’d be poisonous.


The face on the tyrant when he gets blasted is beautiful though.


Is this an actual in-game quote? Because if it is that’s awesome and I need to hear it.


It is. Go ping on a mammoth bird as Hyde and he has the chance to say it. :smile:


I don’t see how the goliath bird is op I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s only dangerous for people who try to stand by them or not shoot them before running again


That mammoth bird ran right up to me and the tyrant with evil intent and blew the shit out of tyrant.


Boutb dam time the birds start fighting back I usually only see them being eaten by tyrants aha


I went straight into some solo games just to see some of Hyde’s comments on wildlife. I got him to say this one and it was awesome. He has always been my favorite character.


If you’ve seen the amount of Hyde fanart I’ve posted on the forums, you’ll realise he’s my favourite too. xD