[Video] Emet mid air bouys & teleport to bouy as lastman not sure if its exploit


If u place a bouy on the floating mushroom thingy and shoot the mushroom thingy the bouy still stays in mid air :stuck_out_tongue:

its not a major exploit/bug but does help in certain situations and vs Behemoth its an exploit as in some areas bob cant wack the mid air bouy.



Not sure if it’s intentional or not.




and also in the video @2:23 i die but i teleport back into bouy instead of monster winning… Like i was last man and monster sneakpounced you can see what happens from 2:23 - 2:27 …


First part probably is an exploit.

Second part, it’s possible for Emet to come back onto the beacon if it’s timed right so that’s not a bug.


Can’t you just fissure it out the sky? Or lava bomb it?


How could fissure travel to the sky without terrain leading it to the clouds.

Lava bomb would just have to be accurate but might be able to hit it.

Rock wall could even be an option.


Just throwing out some ideas seems like the video poster just came across it and thought exploit and didn’t try to get around it.


Yeah but he’s the one that did it since he was Emet. haha so there’s no way of knowing if he was able to >_<


It’s only probably going to effect Bob but not many pick him anyway,and the chances someone finding a mushroom in a dome spot in hunt,I think will be very rare if this actually costs monsters the game.


Yeah but being forced to waste Lava Bomb or Fissure, which are your most damaging moves on a single Buoy that EMET will just be replacing while Bob charges up his move isn’t a good decision for the Monster to make. So he can either waste an ability, or ignore the Buoy. Which is taking advantage of Behemoth being unable to get to it like the other Monsters could.


Oh, and by the way, I recatogorized to bugs until further notice.


You sure are using you’re regular power aren’t cha


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